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Our History

Prince of Peace is one of the oldest churches in Crofton, founded not long after Crofton itself was built by the Crawford Corporation in the 1960s. We began as a house church, meeting in various locations until we grew to 118 people. At that time we approached Baltimore Presbytery about building a Presbyterian Church. On May 6, 1967, the Presbytery of Baltimore voted to fund the building of the church. Although the building did not yet exist, the church was formally chartered on December 17, 1967. A year later the church purchased 1651 Ardsley Place (now our Fellowship Hall). The current sanctuary and office was built in 1975, and the education wing added in 1992.

The organizing pastor and first full-time pastor of the church was the Reverend Leonard A. Dahl. Since then, seven other dedicated pastors have served Christ with our congregation: the Reverend Frederick J. Wood, Interim Pastor David C. Harris, the Reverend Donald M. Brower, Interim Pastor Ned Castner, the Reverend Jon Fregger, Interim Pastor Wally Harman, and our current pastor, the Reverend Elizabeth D. McLean.

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