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POP's Future Visioning

Do you enjoy worshiping, learning or serving through Prince of Peace? Then you are invited to help our church leaders plan for the church’s future by completing an online assessment. The survey is designed to help us to gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in our church, as well as our congregants’ needs and dreams.  It is the first step in a future visioning process that we hope will lead our church into an exciting next chapter in ministry together.

Please click the link below and tell us about your experiences and priorities for our church.  All answers are completely anonymous, so be honest.  The survey takes about 30 minutes and cannot be saved mid-way through completion. So please complete in one sitting before Feb. 13th.


If there is only one email address for all members of your household, it may be tempting to have one person take the survey on behalf of the family.  However, please be sure your spouse and all young adults living in your home have an opportunity to complete the survey.  INDIVIDUAL INPUT is key to our gaining insight into overall perceptions and experiences.


For every survey completed, POP Missions will donate a box of baby wipes to the baby pantry. For every 20 surveys, a box of baby diapers is donated! So, for 30 minutes of your time, you can make a positive difference in the lives of new mothers and children as well as in the ministries of Prince of Peace.

Below is the link to your Congregation Assessment Tool:

Please Note:

*Please be sure your spouse and all young adults living in your home have an opportunity to complete the survey.

*Please set aside enough time to answer all the questions.  This will take about 30 minutes.

*Once you start the survey, you cannot save it so please ensure you have enough time to complete the survey fully.

*All answers are strictly anonymous.  We have no way of matching any assessment to a particular person, so please feel free to candidly share your perceptions, opinions and experiences.  Our future together is dependent on your participation and honest answers.

*If you have questions, please contact

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